Mission Statement

Some of the values of our company

Ashburton Crane Hire work with a variety of clients from different industries and types of projects and always can guarantee best quality work and attention to details and client’s needs.

Construction Sector

Rural Sector

Irrigation Sector

How We Treat Our Clients

Customers are our business

Your profit and the money to run your business and pay your staff comes from your customers. Without them we have nothing.

We value our lifetime customers

Your best customer is the one you’ve already got, understand their lifetime value and aim to get all that business.

We create superior customer value

We will make sure the benefits you get are greater than the costs you pay.

We will be fast and easy to do business with

We acknowledge our customer’s time and effort are just as important as ours.

Aim to create an inspirational experience

Our customers will be so impressed they will tell others how great we are.

Walk in your customers shoes

Ask yourself ‘if I was the customer what would I like to hear or see happen?

Solve your customers problems

Delight your customers by looking for problems they would like you to solve but cannot reasonably expect you will be able to – and then solve them.

Have a can-do, will-do attitude

Think of what you can do for your customers, not what you cannot do. Then do it.

Treat customers politely and with respect

Customers want to be greeted, hear please and thank you and to be spoken to with respect.

We care

Companies and people not caring is the biggest cause of bad customer experiences.

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