Canterbury Crane Hire

The largest benefit of a mobile crane is its flexibility and, of course, its mobility. In urban situations, in particular, where multiple obstructions are present, a mobile crane is uniquely suited to the setting. A mobile crane is able to access narrow passages and sites that have a limited amount of entrance space. In many cases, a static crane simply cannot be set up practically for many types of settings. In these cases, the flexible mobile crane is the ideal solution.

Construction Work

Moving beams and putting roofing iron in place.

Construction Sector

Precast concrete slabs.

Irrigation Sector

Lowering pumps into irrigation wells.

Painting Work

Use with a man cage when painting.

Corporate Work

Moving shipping containers.

Commercial Construction

Construction of dairy sheds.

Industrial Construction

Bridge construction, putting structural steel in place, demolition work.

Environmental Work

Placement of pond aerators.

Industrial Construction

Towers and large structures, assisting at accidents and derailments.


Moving sleep outs and other buildings.

Loading & Moving

Loading farm machinery onto trucks, moving water or fuel tanks.

Individual Services

Specialised tree removal, moving or launching boats.

How We Can Help

Ashburton Crane Hire can assist you with any of your residential building requirements, whether it’s shifting beams or roofing iron through to demolition work we can handle your job.

We are fully insured for your peace of mind and all machines are fully certified. Available for long or short term contracts, nationwide experienced crane importers, will import to your requirements.

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